Trying to write something, it could be anything, and just can’t correlate what you want to say into words on paper or a screen?

You’re not alone.

Have a look at the picture. See that sneaky little dude poking his head over the body of the all consuming, fierce (kind of) dragon? He’s your thoughts and all he needs is some small steps to coax him out gently.

Step 1
Dot point your thoughts/feelings/emotions/selling points/tag line/business meaning, whatever it is you’re trying to emulate. This doesn’t have to be neat or orderly, so long as they’re are laid out somewhere you can see them.

Step 2
The next step is to focus on fleshing out one point at a time. Expand what you want to say by explaining it in more detail. Add some descriptive words to help your audience capture the feeling and emotion involved.

Step 3
Don’t forget to structure what you’re writing. It needs an opening (or introduction), a body and an end. Make sure you provide a good overview in the opening so to grab your audiences attention immediately. If you leave them guessing you’ll probably lose them.

Step 4
Don’t forget to title your story. This is sometimes the hardest part as it’s the first thing a reader will see, therefore it needs to strong and catchy. Doing it last means you have are all over the topic meaning it may come a little easier.

From here, I can almost guarantee you’ll find you have yourself a complete story, and that fierce, fire breathing dragon that was lingering at the beginning will be just a flicker in the background.

Picture taken at Noosa Main Beach