I recently climbed Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast at night, and trust me when I say, it snatches the elusive and highly sought after title of ‘best end to a Monday ever’!

Did the thought of doing it scare me? A little.

Did I doubt myself and my ability? You bet.

Speaking to many family, friends, colleagues and random people over time, there is one common thing that seems to stop us doing and achieving more than anything else – FEAR! Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of hurting ourselves or others, fear of stepping outside our comfort zone or low and behold, the fear of succeeding we are all guilty of letting this emotion control us at one point or another.

While fear is an emotion inbuilt to protect us, and without it we may be a fraction more on the crazy side, it is an overwork and overused emotion. It is however, super hard to switch it off and sometimes to even determine when to hold on to it and when to try and rise above it.

In the case of climbing Mt Coolum at night, it turns out my fear was just wasted energy and it made me realise this is something that resonates across so many aspects of life.

It was on this climb that I was introduced to FEAR as an acronym and I loved it. For those who haven’t yet heard this, you’re welcome.





It’s pretty profound, and for me, so true. Next time you’re challenged by fear, remember this.