Grazing tables are taking over the party scene, with people flocking to them like white on rice. And it no surprise as to why. We’re all guilty of arriving at a party, dissing the initial exchange of pleasantries with other guests and heading straight for the table so we can ogle the variety of goodies shouting out to be consumed.

For Tess Pitcher, what started as a hobby has now developed into a promising small business for the young entrepreneur. The Sunshine Coast local started creating platters and grazing tables for family and friends special occasions but her love of it, combined with the obvious creative skill she has for it, inspired her to found

If you’ve ever tried to create your own grazing table, you’ll know it’s not as easy as you think. But alas, we now have a saviour right on our doorstep! Over the weekend, hosted her official launch where it was glaringly obvious that this lady has skill. Talk about ogling! 40+ guests spent three hours at venue, Francis Bean café, ohhh’ing and ahhh’ing as eyes were transfixed, taste buds were tickled and, undoubtedly, stomachs were overindulged. 

While only commenced a little over a month ago, bookings have already gone through the roof. ‘I’m stoked with how our first month has gone, and the feedback I’ve received from clients has been incredible. We’re getting busier and has we head into peak platter season, I’m so excited to get stuck in and create some incredible grazing options’, says Tess.

From a Lovers Pack for two, a Sunsets with Besties hamper for four and a Sweet Tooth box for as many as your willing to share with, to grazing tables for 40 or platters for 10, you name it and this lady has it covered. Best of all, her prices are competitive without compromising on quality. ‘I initially created because of my love for it but I started doing them for family and friends as I realised just how expensive it was to employ someone to do it. Yes, it’s a business however, my aim is to ensure quality time with your loved ones comes first, but that a bit of wow factor closely follows’, Tess laughs. bookings are available via Facebook and Instagram or email –