Francis Bean – well known as one of the best cafés on the coast when it comes to coffee and service but behind the scenes there lots you probably don’t see, particularly when it comes to their pretty amazing team.

Many of those smiling faces you see behind the counter wear a few hats, with Francis Bean being just one. There is so much talent oozing out of that place it’s boggled some minds. One team member has recently started a new business, the owner of the café has another established business while working towards a third, and two others are juggling the Bean and building their individual empires. Clever bunch aren’t they! With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to them.

The fearless leader

First and foremost, this lady is pretty much the famous face behind the Bean. Well known to just about everyone, this fit, fun, motorbike cladded, give anything a go Mum is none other than the fearless leader, Tamara Farrell. Tamara, or TimTam as she’s more commonly known, is the owner of Francis Bean and in the four years she’s had the cafe, she’s completely turned it around. From limited menu options and a not so inviting outdoor area, what you see today is the result of her dedication and hard work.

In addition, her second business, In-Depth Body Scans, is on track to becoming one of the most used body scanning businesses on the Coast. This mobile body composition scanning service she’s Tamara working with the likes of F45, Jetts, Goodlife, Hunts Fitness, Plus Fitness and more, as well as many individual Coast dwellers interested to see what’s going on with their bodies. These scans explain the intricacies of the body, showing what’s going on beyond the external appearance that is usually the primary focus. These scans show what’s happening with water levels, minerals, protein, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass etc. providing a much deeper insight into your overall wellbeing. Crazy popular with gyms, before and after scans are so useful for fitness challenges not only as they highlight what needs to be focused on pre-challenge but provide the hard evidence of the positive impact exercise and correct nutrition has on the body.

But wait, there’s more. Tamara is just about to complete her studies in NeuroPhysics therapy.  WOW, right! The reason behind this is her drive to create an all-inclusive solution to help people take charge of their lives and to be the best version of themselves. NeuroPhysics is aimed at targeting everything from improving general health and wellbeing, to dramatically reducing chronic pain, anxiety, depression, disease, as well as improving athletic performance.  With extensive knowledge of the fitness industry already under her belt, NeuroPhysics will allow Tamara to focus on holistic treatment, facilitating the complete physical and emotional recalibration of clients’ nervous systems. Stay tuned, an incredible resource is in the works here. 

The 2IC, aka ‘The Singing Barista’

Who’s walked into the Bean and been serenaded by none other than our very own singing barista, Tess Pitcher? For those who are yet to have the privilege, it’s time!

Tess joined Francis Bean in January 2019 as second in charge and, from the mouth of the fearless leader, she’s made an impact. Aside from those dulcet tones, Tess has also been responsible for the really amazing (cough) sayings, jokes and drawings on the notice board. Jokes aside, Tess has paved her way to become a highly respected and loved leader amongst the team and a favourite amongst the customers.

In her other life, some of you reading may have been privileged to experience Tess in all her creative glory as the Owner of T. This catering business specialises in stunning grazing tables and sumptuous platters. While Tess only started the business in August this year, Sunny Coasters have taken to her like rind on cheese. It all started after years of creating grazing tables for family and friends, and realising the love she had for it. Fast forward to today and this little business is thriving. Best of all, her prices are exceptionally competitive.

The Cameo

Now this ‘young’ lady – the Bean team have struggled to g=find words! Apparently, they’ve tried to get her to leave on many occasions, but she just won’t go. It must be all about the love of the Bean!

Ally Buzza, or Ally G as she was christening by the fearless leader, joined Francis Bean in August 2017 after what she describes as escaping the corporate marketing clutches of the past 13 years. When she joined, she had literally just gone out on her own and started a marketing business, but also had a desire to open her own restaurant and wine bar. The fearless leader took her under her wing and showed her what owning a hospitality business was all about. Having said that, today her marketing business, Seiden Creative, is on track to launch a sister company, Seiden Travel, before the year is out. This exciting move marries her love of travel with her love of writing. While the hospitality business is still a dream, it’s on

hold for now…. Amongst this, she joins the Bean team two days each week to grace them with her smiley presence and terrible dad jokes. Yes, you heard correctly. Far from a Dad but give any father a run for their money.

The newbie

One of the newer members of the team, albeit not so new anymore, Georgia Kennedy, or better known as GK, joined the Bean about three months ago. From the lips of the fearless leader, similar to Tess, she has rocked in and made an amazing impact. Funnily enough, Tess poached her from her previous hospitality role. High five, Tess!

GK’s secret power is beauty and boy is she loved for that. Specialising in glamour and beauty, GK is a qualified makeup artist and eyelash technician, and has been running her business, Georgia Kennedy Beauty, for a little over a year now. After working for other businesses on the Coast for years, she realised the time had come to work for herself. But it doesn’t stop there. GK has literally just launched her own product; an eyelash cleanser with other products to follow in the near future. Exciting times ahead for this young lady.

So, there you have it. Health, catering, marketing, beauty and of course, coffee. These girls are an eclectic bunch but with a few things in common; their love of working at the Bean, their huge amounts of respect and support for each other and their driving passion to strive for more.

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its small businesses; it’s our backbone with 85% of businesses here classed as small. If you are need of any of the above products or services, get in touch or pop into the Bean for a chat. Better the devil you know.

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