12 years ago, Stuart and Karen Sliman, along with their girls’, Tess and Sam, arrived on the Sunshine Coast from WA and started a small family-owned plumbing and gas business.
Little did they know that Slim-Flow Plumbing and Gas would grow to be one of the Coasts most well-known and respected trade businesses. In October 2020, with a bit of woohoo’ing and perhaps a little boohoo’ing, the time came for them to leave a truly remarkable legacy for the next Slim-Flow generation to grow and evolve.
Welcome to Slim-Flow Plumbing and Gas 2.0, now run by Kaleb and Tess Pitcher.
From small beginnings, Slim-Flow made its mark on the coast due to a dedicated team whose focus continues to be to provide honest and reliable work – a philosophy developed early on, straight from the big man himself, Stuey!
Whether it be residential, commercial or resort plumbing needs, Stuey and Kaz poured their blood, sweat and tears into Slim-Flow to make it the business it is today. And Stuey’s right-hand man, Kaleb Pitcher, was with him every step of the way.
Kaleb joined Stuey as a hard-working apprentice in the early start up days of the business and quickly established himself as an integral part of the Slim-Flow family….in more ways than one.
Now married to Tess and with 7-month-old Alfie in tow, there’s plenty more generations of plumbers ready to take over the reins in this family business.
Tiaan, a local Sunny Coaster, has also been part of the Slim-Flow family since early 2017, starting his apprenticeship with the business. As many know, apprentices are an important part of any trade, and now qualified, Kaleb and Tess are thrilled that Tiaan will take on the role as Kaleb’s main sidekick.
“Dad has done such an incredible job creating and establishing Slim-Flow. However, moving to Yamba and beginning a franchise down there has been a long-term dream for them and I’m so excited they have taken the leap”, Tess says. “Plumbing has been in my blood since Dad started the business and I’ve been working with Mum on the admin side for so long I know it backwards. Kaleb’s learned from the best so we’re more than confident in maintaining the incredible standard set by Dad. Who knows, we may even surpass it”, laughs Tess.
Farewelling their family, the business and the Sunshine Coast wasn’t easy for Stuey and Kaz, but life in the northern NSW coastal town of Yamba certainly agrees with them. The franchise, Angourie Plumbing & Gas , is already making its mark on the town and they are excited to seeing how Slim-Flow evolves.
While the Sunny Coast will miss this fantastic couple, it’s good to know that all your plumbing needs will still be met with more capable hands.
And what does this move mean for Stuey and Kaz? More surfing, more relaxing, definitely more margaritas, and Yamba reaping the benefits of its new local plumber.
Here’s cheers, Stuey and Kaz! All the very best in this exciting new chapter.
“Bring it on” says Kaleb and Tess!