The Magic

Content Creation

Pictures can speak a thousand words but adding stunning content can intensify that to a million.

Our strong copywriting expertise means we can turn your interesting story into an epic tale. We’ll take the time to understand your business and your audience in order to craft the perfect words to engage and convert. Today, the average person is exposed to 1,200 forms of advertising each and every day. Don’t blend in.

Social media posts, articles, blogs, press releases, brochures, flyers, advertising, newsletters, automated email marketing, websites – you name it, we’ll cover it.

Advertising campaigns

Without putting your brand out there, you will struggle to get noticed. Many start ups struggling with managing their marketing and the associated costs, but the truth has certainly been told; you need to spend a little to make a lot.

Our philosophy is to design the best possible marketing campaigns to get you notice, within a realistic budget. Nothing screams NOOOOOOO more than someone telling you need to spend Moet dollars on a Passion Pop budget. Don’t construe the message here, your Passion Pop budget (ok, we may need a little more) can still get you noticed in a strong way. Uncertain? Let us show you how.

Whether you’re looking to design advertising campaigns, social media posts, article or blog creation, PR and Media campaigns or any other promotional activities, we will use our expertise to devise stand out campaigns. We love tapping into our inner creative guerrilla to creating unique marketing campaigns with a difference.

Brand identity

Do you need to define a personality for your brand so that your messaging and marketing channels reach your target market? A key part of defining this is know your ‘WHY’. Why you are doing what you are doing and why people should and will choose you over your competitor. But that’s just the beginning….

You will never engage your audience and have them understand your brand if you and/or your team doesn’t get it. Don’t undertake any marketing campaign or promotional activity without know this as it will be similar to putting your money and time in the gurgler.

Depending of the size and depth of your business, in a one day or less, Seiden Creative will work with you to get those creative juices flowing so that you and your team can connect with your business. It’s a little like magic but so much more fun. Voila.

Editing and proofing

Got the crux of your copy but you’re going a little cross eyed? Trust us when we say we get it.

We can proof read for spelling and grammatical errors only, or if your words are lacking a bit of oomph, we’ll work a little editing magic to help bring your words to life. There’s no word limit with this service so let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to work with you

Communications strategy

While gibberish is a widely spoken and highly recognised language the world over, it’s not so crash hot in businesses.

As we’ve said previously, communication is key to any and all successful business function, whether it be your internal staff communications or external audience communications. If you’re struggling to get it right, let us know; we’ll get rid of the gibber.